FinnHarvest Oy expands its long-term business in Germany

FinnHarvest Oy has established a subsidiary in Germany, FinnHarvest GmbH. The main task of the subsidiary is to support and expand FinnHarvest Oy’s business activities in Germany and Central Europe, as well as to develop further business areas. Olli Oksanen, MBA, has been appointed as Managing Director in FinnHarvest GmbH. Olli has many years of international management experience.

“The Finnish know-how combined with the German expertise regarding the German forest has proven to be a very good combination. FinnHarvest Oy has also made a name for itself in Germany over the years as a competent and reliable partner in forestry. Now is the right time to take the next international step,” he says.

FinnHarvest will initially operate with two companies in Germany, with a well-trained team of German/Finnish forestry experts responsible for the work in the forest.

For more information, contact:

Manuel Schmid, Chief of International Operations at FinnHarvest Oy, tel. +358449808230.
Olli Oksanen, Managing director of FinnHarvest GmbH, tel. +491723000133.

“FinnHarvest Oy was founded in 1969 and has grown into one of Finland’s most important forestry companies, with both feet firmly planted in the forests of Eastern Finland and looking to the future. The values of a family business, i.e. caring for others and living with the cycle of the forest, are at the heart of the company. The company is constantly developing and optimizing its business activities and also looking for new opportunities internationally.”