"The circular economy" - The revolution in sustainability

The world is at a crossroads - we talk and hear about sustainability nowadays every day in the newspaper or experience it in our daily lives in a shop where, e.g., where only reusable products are used. This sustainability trend isn't going to fade, and we're heading towards significant disruptions within the next few years. This change will be all-inclusive: For large and small businesses, for organizations and individuals, globally and locally. Changes in sustainable thinking have already taken place and get only further developed as we move ahead.

The Industrial Revolution laid the foundation for how the economy of today operates. How we produce and consume our products worldwide goes as follows: We take, make, use, dispose, and pollute.

As our resources on this planet are finite and more people consume goods and services, this linear economy has served out. The so-called "circular economy" promises a more sustainable economic system to eliminate waste and the continual use of resources. Therefore, the new process would go as follows: We take, make, use, reuse, remake, recycle, and the cycle starts over again.

It is to be seen how well the circular economy concept can hold what it promises and if this potential change may successfully be implemented globally.

FinnHarvest is always closely watching all the upcoming trends and ensuring to be up to date with all the latest news and trends surrounding us.

If you'd like to better understand the circular economy and how it works with real-life applications, consider watching these explanation videos. The infographic may also be valuable for further understanding of the circular economy.

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